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witchhedge - extendable hedgingThe Witchhedge Range of Hedge Tiles

Hedge Tiles

The WitchHedge range of Hedge Tiles from Urban10 is a simple and effective way of creating instant hedging. Each here tile is 0.5m x 0.5m in size and can create an instant foliage. Both are Easy to install and are used to create an attractive private environment. Ideal for gardens, yards, swimming pools & terraces or transform unsightly areas.
Hedge Tile Size: 0.5m x 0.5m
4 Colours/Styles: Box, Autumn, Laurel & Ivy.
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witchhedge hedge tiles

Box Hedge Tiles

Witchhedge Tile Box hedge tile box dark 300px

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Autumn Hedge Tiles

hedge tile autumn 1 300px

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Laurel Hedge Tiles

witchhedge hedge tile laurel

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Ivy Hedge Tiles

hedge tile ivy main 300px

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